Are you still using ChroPath? Upgrade to SelectorsHub.

Brave Johen
Apr 6, 2021



If you are a ChroPath user then you must read this.

ChroPath was originally invented and created by Sanjay Kumar. Sanjay Kumar has stopped development and support on Chropath in june 2020 after that there is no feature improvement and no support on chropath.

ChroPath creator has created a new XPath tool SelectorsHub which is super advance than chropath and in very sort time SelectorsHub became the number one XPath and selectors tool in all browser stores as per users reviews.

SelectorsHub is the Next Gen XPath tool to generate, write and verify the XPath and cssSelectors. It supports shadow dom, iframe, svg, dynamic elements, multi selectors generation and error handling.

Download link

Please watch the video tutorial to make the best use of SelectorsHub.